With TLC Online Solution you can process several shipments at once, using our advanced technology. Below is some of the benefits you will receive.

Automate finding your best freight rate on every shipment

  • Compare rates
  • Compare service
  • Compare modes

Advanced load planning for even more savings

  • Aggregating Shipments
  • Truckload Consolidations
  • Pool Distribution / Zone Skipping
  • Private Fleet Consideration

Streamline communications with electronic data interchange

  • Load tendering
  • Carrier acknowledgment
  • Shipment status

Easy settlement

  • Electronically receive/match/audit freight bills
  • Only handle exceptions

Easy to use

  • Manage all your shipments with a few mouse clicks
  • Our power users are always ready to assist you too

Easy to implement

  • Little or no upfront costs
  • Little or no monthly fees
  • All you need is internet access
  • Can be integrated with most WMS and ERP systems

Easy to do business with

  • Customized software application specifically for you
  • You choose the level of our involvement
  • Personal representative, with back up, by skilled professionals
  • Additional services available to assist you with logistics management

Easy to get started

  • Contact us, and a representative will gladly demonstrate our system. Call us at 800-882-4852 or email sales@tlcforfreight.com
  • If you prefer, you can supply us with some shipment history and we can project the savings for you ahead of time. Or, just provide some basic information for a FREE evaluation
  • Find out more about what our team can do for you and the additional services we provide
  • You can always contact us to discuss your particular situation