Transportation & Logistical Concepts, “TLC,” is committed to helping people distribute their products efficiently and economically. This is evidenced by the case studies of a few of the many companies we have helped.

The problems facing many companies
The ability to effectively manage your logistics requires access to information regarding the flow and storage of your materials, and the expertise to know what to do with the information. For optimal results, the proper technological tools are needed to make decisions in real time.

Lack of resources Many companies are forced to rely on people with little or no expertise in logistics. Often the responsibility is left to someone in shipping, warehousing, purchasing or even customer service. Incredibly, this critical function is delegated to people with little time, inclination, or expertise.

Access to information
Many companies still lack the ability to review historical information that can be useful in strategic planning and carrier negotiations, let alone having the ability to dynamically manage their transportation in real time.

Inferior technology
Even if you have someone with the proper attitude, and aptitude, with access to information, do they have the proper technological tools to make timely decisions?

The solutions provided by TLC
We reaffirm our commitment to helping people distribute their produces efficiently and economically.

We have an abundance of skilled professionals
Within our organization, we have professionals with hundreds of years of combined experience in all aspects of logistics. We are well positioned to respond to your daily needs as well as assist in your strategic planning.

Utilizing the latest technology that is unavailable to most companies
Through TLC, you benefit from the technology we utilize, which is typically only economically feasible for companies with $10,000,000 or more in annual transportation spend.

Handling your daily operations
Someone should be assigned the responsibility of determining the least cost routing on every shipment. We would be happy to do that for you. Moreover, we can provide hands on, active traffic management, on both outbound and inbound. Thereby, helping you take advantage of the ongoing economies available in a dynamic transportation process, merging loads from various origins and combining pick-ups with deliveries for optimal carrier utilization.

Reducing your freight costs
We identify the least cost routing. We start by comparing the rates offered by all or your carriers, including all additional charges, to find the lowest delivered cost. We even compare across modes: small package, LTL, volume, truckload and inter-modal rail.

Next, we compare the lowest rates for your individual shipments with more options like:

  • Shipment aggregation
  • Truckloads with stops
  • Pool distribution
  • Zone skipping

Improving service
In addition to saving money with these alternatives, service is typically better too. Furthermore, we can apply the same process on your inbound shipments.

Streamlining communications
We automate the process of tendering shipments, and tracking them from pick-up through delivery. Thereby, almost eliminating phone contact with your carriers.

And assuring that you don’t pay more than necessary
In addition to finding the least cost routing, and improving communications, TLC will pre-audit your freight bills, protecting you against overcharges, so you never pay more than you should.