(STD) 15 days or less (LTD) 16 days or more. Month after month, year after year.

Save money on LTL, and give better service to your customers.

An alternative to LTL, our Short-term/Long-term Distribution, STD/LTD, program gives you extra flexibility and extra time.

We’ll move your full loads to our strategically located distribution centers. Then, we’ll give you up to 15 days of free storage before final delivery. When your customers place an order, they can have next-day delivery.

See the short term distribution case study.

STD/LTD allows you to:

  • Better serve your customers by giving next-day or second-day delivery anywhere.
  • Save money on transportation.
  • Cut your fixed labor and warehousing expenses. Because you’ll need less space, and our charges are already covered by the reduced transportation costs.
  • Reduce inventories. Your goods can be sold in transit.
  • Avoid long-term commitments to space, location, duration, equipment, and labor, because you don’t need to establish your own warehouses.
  • Respond quickly to changing customer needs or seasonal shipping.
  • Moving freight in volume and utilizing local distribution costs less than multiple LTL shipments moving across the country. In addition, imports can move inland for distribution without costly local handling.
  • Best of all, we can customize our flexible system to meet your needs. You can outsource anything you need: order fulfillment, packaging, stenciling, palletizing, and many other services.