Free Web-based Solution Offers Customers 24/7 Access to Manage Their Freight, Instantly Compare Rates from Leading Carriers, Book, Print Bills of Lading, Track Delivery, and Audit Freight bills.

Anaheim, CA January 22, 2010 –Transportation & Logistical Concepts, LLC, (TLC) has introduced a free Transportation Management System (TMS) for domestic U.S. shipments, and international shipments between the U.S. and Canada, adding to an existing suite of web-based logistics tools available at .

The newly available TMS has a rating engine designed to take advantage of the disparity in rates that leading carriers offer based on their preferred lanes and lane imbalances. The company’s LTL rating structure is uniquely configured to offer customers not only cost-effective pricing, but also multiple service options. Customers can also get pricing for Air, Expedited and Volume Shipments. Beyond saving money, the ultimate objective, is to enable customers to quickly and easily manage their freight.

With a single entry, rates are compared from multiple service providers. Then the options are displayed by price and transit times. After carrier selection is made, other processes are automated including, bill of lading generation, load tendering and shipment tracking. The secure system is highly configurable, simple to use and accessible via the web at anytime from anywhere in the world.

“Most shippers don’t have the time or the resources to figure out the complexities inherent in LTL pricing within the United States and between the United States and Canada,” said David Maxfield, GM for Transportation & Logistical Concepts, LLC. “They need a tool that provides a reliable, always competitive rate with visibility and control throughout the shipping process.”

Introduction of the free TMS marks another phase in the development of Transportation & Logistical Concepts’ services for customers. The company implemented a more robust, Managed Transportation Service, (MTS) allowing customers to integrate their system with TLC’s for near real time event management and automating the processes of considering advanced methods for freight spend reduction. Comparing the rates of all the providers, regardless of mode for each shipment is only the first step. Greater savings are typically generated through shipment aggregation, truckload consolidations, pool distribution, and zone skipping . Furthermore, customers utilizing the MTS have access to TLC’s “Power Users” or “Load Planners” to enable them to get the most out of the system.

About Transportation & Logistical Concepts:

Established in 1987 Transportation & Logistical Concepts is always looking for innovative ways to improve the services we provide. Our reputation is built on our ability to serve your shipping needs accurately, reliably and cost-effectively. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with customers by helping them distribute their products efficiently and economically. 

To meet that goal and meet our customers’ wide-ranging needs, we have developed many innovative programs over the past several years. We have also established strategic alliances with business partners to offer a full line of value added services.

From an occasional load to complete outsourcing, Transportation & Logistical Concepts, “TLC,” assists our clients with infrequent moves as well as comprehensive supply chain solutions

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