Reduce inventory and improve service to your customers

With TLC’s “Partner-Shipping” program, you can ship small loads or half-loads more often to the same location. This gives you a continuous flow of products, and consistent deliveries every week or every other week to your warehouses or distributors.

With partner-shipping, you can:

  • Reduce inventory with JUST IN TIME deliveries.
  • Reduce the amount of warehouse space needed.
  • Provide deliveries, on a schedule, not just whenever you happen to have a full load.
  • Eliminate expensive small LTL shipments sent to fill in, between warehouse transfers.
  • Even if an item is out of stock, you can promise your customers a time definite availability.

We match your ½ load with someone else who has ½ load going to the same area. You get truckload service, at a fraction of the cost.