Inter-modal transportation reduces costs, and lowers exposure to freight claims.  It is the least cost routing door to door.  Domestic U.S. typically moves door to door, on stack trains with articulated couplings.  The specialized rail cars, with double stacking of ocean containers, are lower to the ground making for less side sway.  Utilizing the articulated couplings is like joining each chassis together, eliminating the typical bumping when slack is taken up as the train starts and stops, or finds slack as they move up and down steep grades.

Domestic rail moves utilize ocean containers, and containers made to the same specifications for standardization.  For shippers and receivers the inter-modal rail option provides access to more equipment, and very good service at a reasonable price when compared to over the road trucking.

Of course, there are usually other factors to be considered, and one of our specialists would be happy to discuss all options with you.  Inter-modal rail service is just one of the options with the Multi-Modal Transportation services we provide.

Given the opportunity to learn more about your business, TLC can present you with a rate and service package based on your needs that we hope you will find worthy of serious consideration.

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