LTL Less than Truck Load

The companies providing LTL services come in all sizes and shapes. From the specialized local carriers offering 2 hour, or 4 hour same day service, to the companies who consolidate several shipments for distribution throughout the country utilizing a network of company terminals, and inter-lining with service partners.

One common method for transporting freight across the country is referred to as “Hub & Spoke,” that gets its name by comparison to a wheel. Think of the central point, the “Hub” as a freight terminal or dock. Shipments are picked up in outer areas represented by the “Spoke” brought back to the terminal where they are cross-docked and transferred to a different truck for delivery. That is typical of a carrier offering local, next day delivery. Now imagine a series of these “Hub & Spokes” overlapping, but stretching across the country. That means your freight could be re-handled 4 or 5 times before it is delivered. Each time it is re-handled, or goes through a “Hub,” it is subject to loss, damage, or delay.

The preferred method, and the one TLC specializes in, is to handle the freight as little as possible. The best way to insure your shipment will arrive intact, damage free, and promptly is to move it exclusively and deliver it from the same trailer it was loaded on.

Obviously, you don’t want to pay for the exclusive use of a truck for each shipment. The next best thing is to move your shipments with “truckload type service” but only pay for the portion you use. TLC provides this service, which we call “Load To Go.

Our Load To Go is typically limited to 2-4 stops and therefore, not suited for all shipments. However, we attempt to duplicate this service on your LTL shipments by keeping handling to the minimum.

For your convenience on LTL shipments, we schedule pick-ups to meet your needs. The main difference between this preferred service, and the “Hub & Spoke” method is that we move the loaded trailers to the farthest point, so that freight is only handled once before delivery. This reduces the chance for loss and damage, while typically improving transit times.

Given the opportunity to learn more about your business, TLC can present you with a rate and service package based on your needs that we hope you will find worthy of serious consideration.