Logistics Management
When executed properly, logistics management can give you a competitive advantage, and even be a profit center. We offer the perfect blend of technology and real people. What makes this so successful is collaborating on-line utilizing one of the most comprehensive Transportation Management Systems, “TMS,” available anywhere, at any price. You also have choices for our level of involvement.

For infrequent shipments
Easily manage your inbound or outbound shipments, at no cost, utilizing our basic TMS with great rates offered by competing carriers. Take advantage of the combined buying power of multiple shippers to obtain unbelievable rates.

It is more than just getting the best freight rate.
You can use our TMS to get quotes from multiple carriers with just a single entry. Then select the carrier offering the best combination of price and service, and click to ship. Or, for your convenience, we can handle the entire process for you. Read More…

For managing multiple shipments, or even multiple locations
The Power to Run your Logistics Operations, but without all of the Hassles of Managing the Complexity Yourself

Many companies today are reaping the benefits of a hosted solution.  All you need is access to the internet.  No investment required in IT equipment, or HR to maintain it.  Our TMS solution can be integrated with most ERP and WMS systems, communicating in near real time.  

Furthermore, that is just the beginning.  It is customizable and scalable, so you can select what is just right for your company now, and in the future.  When matched with people who have expertise in logistics management, you can be assured of getting the greatest reward. Read More…

We are flexible and easy to do business with
There could also be a blend of these services if you desire. For example, even with our MTS services you determine who negotiates rates and maintains carrier relationships. Either way, our goal is to improve efficiencies with minimal disruption to your existing organization ensuring that you don’t pay one dime more than necessary to distribute your products.

TLC’s MTS specialists can work with your production; customer service and supply chain personnel at your site or manage your transportation from our Anaheim, CA headquarters. Either way, you are assured a high level of expertise.

Given the opportunity to learn more about your business, TLC can present you with a rate and service package based on your needs that we hope you will find worthy of serious consideration.