‘Load To Go’ shipments delivered faster, damage free, at great rates.A money-saving alternative to LTL, TLC’s “Load To Go” program lets you pay only for the space you use. And your freight arrives quickly, safely, and damage-free.

How? TLC combines two or three shipments from different customers to make a full truckload. And we deliver just a few days later from the same trailer. The freight is never re-handled. You receive:

Faster deliveries with truckload type service.Damage-free goods, since freight is not touched again after loading, until your customer receives it.Simplified pricing and better rate structure for all destinations.Two-to five-day service, Coast to Coast.More accurate ETA’s since we deliver en route.Shipments traveling over the weekend are delivered early the following week.improving transit times.

Given the opportunity to learn more about your business, TLC can present you with a rate and service package based on your needs that we hope you will find worthy of serious consideration.