We provide the perfect blend of technology and real people

Making Networked Transportation Management Systems, “TMS” Fast to Implement and Affordable for All

One of the biggest challenges with the traditional license purchase and on premise TMS model is the extremely high upfront license and implementation costs. This model has customers waiting many, many months if not years waiting to break even. Moreover, SaaS only solutions fall down when it comes to rapidly enabling the carriers and trading partners.

The system we utilize breaks these limitations in four ways.

  • TMS pricing is activity based. You pay based upon the volume of shipments and other activities associated with using the solution.
  • The solution has been designed for ease of implementation. Typically, our implementations are measured in weeks, not months and years. With only a very limited number of professional services resources involved – and most not full time, the implementation costs are quite reasonable.
  • As one of the largest logistics messaging networks in the world, it is likely the years of investment and expertise in the logistics community eliminates the much of the cost and time associated with making TMS solutions productive. We also provide cost effective on-boarding services to connect those carriers and trading partner not already “on the network”.
  • Other than browser access and a network connection to the GLN, there is no technological foot print to bring in house. Gone are the IT resource constraints, costs and time associated with building and maintaining a system infrastructure. This is all part of our service offering.

Managed Transportation Services, “MTS.” Taking TMS to the next level
The advantages of the TMS we provide eliminate the barriers facing many companies for employing a solution. Implementing a TMS is a good first step in creating a competitive advantage, and possibly creating a profit center within the logistics process.

However, to take full advantage of this a TMS takes people with the proper skills. Not to be confused with the number of people involved. For example, one company saved $500,000 per year in HR alone by utilizing a TMS. They did this by centralizing their planning, and allowing local control and execution. On the other hand, another company spent $1,000,000 on a solution and never implemented all the functionality. They did not have the people with the logistics background or skills with the system they employed, but hoped the system they purchased would make up the difference.

That is where we come in.
Think of it this way. We offer access to one of the best, or best, TMS solutions available anywhere, at any price. It is easy and fast to implement, with low cost, low investment, transaction based pricing.

Then we offer the equivalent of employee leasing to make the most of it. Think of that; no hiring, training, covering positions for time off, no worries about sick time or vacation time, rehiring and retraining. You have access to a skilled workforce, without disruptions, and the cost is quantifiable.

To begin with, we will review your present practices, customize the solution, then have our power users train and support your load planners in finding the least cost routing for every shipment. For multiple locations you can have centralized planning with local execution. Alternatively, we can handle everything for you from our offices, inbound or outbound. For companies that would like someone on site, supplied and supported by us, we can accommodate that too.

We offer a wide range of services for you to choose from

TLC’s Managed Transportation Services, or MTS, provide everything necessary for logistics management. Some companies choose to outsource all of their logistics functions, while others prefer to handle some things themselves. The choice is yours.

Carrier selection:
This seems like the one area that companies seem most concerned about. They either want to maintain their long term relationships with their carriers and their representatives, or fear that by changing carriers, they will disrupt their shipping operations, or service to their customers.

Recognizing this anxiety, TLC’s MTS begins by working within your present carrier group, but more effectively. For example, we strive for the least cost routing, regardless of which of your qualified carriers that happens to be. However, we also take into consideration requests by your customers, on the one hand, and dock congestion, on the other. It is only after all these things have been considered that we would suggest adding or reducing carriers. Moreover, we understand that people, not just numbers are involved.

Our evaluation of carriers includes:

  • Areas served and services offered
  • Overall performance
  • Rates, including accessorial charges
  • Cargo insurance and limitations
  • Claims ratio

Carrier negotiations:
We can handle everything for you. Whether negotiating with one carrier at a time, or handling a complete annual RFP bid process, we are likely to obtain better results.

We are in a better position to negotiate. We’re not just talking about combined purchasing power, although that helps. Our strength comes from knowledge of the industry, and understanding the needs of both shippers and carriers. Thereby, placing us in a position to negotiate the best rates, while assuring the desired service.

Carrier interface:
With carrier selection and negotiations completed, who handles the interchange between you as the shipper, and the carrier? Here again, the choice is yours. You can either rely on your local contact, or with the national accounts representative we deal with. When making your decision consider this; the national account representative worked their way up, they are the super reps. Therefore, having more influence in their companies, they are in a better position to help you, as are we.

Daily operations:
Someone should be assigned the responsibility of determining the least cost routing on every shipment. We would be happy to do that for you. Moreover, we can provide hands on, active traffic management, on both outbound and inbound. Thereby, helping you take advantage of the ongoing economies available in a dynamic transportation process, merging loads from various origins and combining pick-ups with deliveries for optimal carrier utilization.

Freight audit and payment services:
There are a myriad of reasons for overcharges. Furthermore, because LTL carriers offer extreme discounts on super inflated rates, overcharges can be substantial. Therefore, we provide:

  • Full pre-audit services guarding against overcharges
  • Simplified payment through a trust accounting service.

We can also audit your FedEx, UPS and DHL priority shipments for service failures. After all, you shouldn’t be paying for something you didn’t get. We’ll handle the whole process for you, and all we ask is a percentage of the money we recover.

Claims administration:
Nobody likes claims. When they occur it is important to go through the proper procedure or your claim will be denied. We can handle everything for you:

  • Filing claims
  • Responding to the carriers claim department
  • Assuring timely settlement

Claim prevention:
Many claims can be prevented with some simple changes. In other situations, we can provide experts in packaging and security to help solve the most difficult problems.

Evaluation and strategic planning:
As requested, and agreed upon, we will provide:

  • Periodic review of present methods of distribution
  • Methods of transportation
  • Assistance with distribution site selection
  • Review actual, with perceived customer demands, ensuring satisfaction while controlling costs.
We are flexible and easy to do business with

There could also be a blend of these services if you desire. For example, even with our MTS services you determine who negotiates rates and maintains carrier relationships. Either way, our goal is to improve inefficiencies  with minimal disruption to your existing organization ensuring that you don’t pay one dime more than necessary to distribute your products.

TLC’s MTS specialists can work with your production; customer service and supply chain personnel at your site or manage your transportation from our Anaheim, CA headquarters. Either way, you are assured a high level of expertise.

Given the opportunity to learn more about your business, TLC can present you with a rate and service package worthy of your serious consideration.