For Infrequent Shipments

It is more than just getting the best freight rate
Depending on what is important to you, the carrier offering the best option will depend on several factors.
Basic rates will fluctuate between carriers based on the weight, class, and zip code pairs.
Carriers also have different accessorial charges for things like lift gate or residential delivery and on many other things too.

Rates are also subject to a Released Value Not Exceeding, or “RVNX,” from under $1 per LB to $20 per LB. So, the value of your shipment should be considered. Fortunately, we do offer supplemental insurance at very reasonable rates separately from the carriers insurance. That gives you more options for obtaining the overall best freight rate.
Another factor is transit times. Several carriers publish their standard transit times, but some are more consistent than others. If that is a something you are concerned about one of our logistics professionals can assist you.

It is our people too
Once you make your selection, just click to request the pickup. At that point, one of our dispatch team members will review your shipment as planned, and let you know if they see anything you might have overlooked, or make suggestions for alternatives when appropriate. Then they will establish communication with the shipper if at a different location, to ensure timely pick up. Next, they complete the dispatch with the carrier, and supply the shipment documents.

Following that, our quality assurance team takes over, looking after your shipment from pick up through delivery. You can easily see the status of all your shipments on one location, regardless of how many carriers you have selected. If you would like others to be kept informed, we can also set up our system to notify them by e-mail when certain events occur.

Shipping records are saved automatically, creating an address book, and product lists for future use. Alternatively, you can just duplicate a previous shipment. We also make your life easier by automating many other processes.

So, whether you would like to access to our TMS system, or would like us to handle everything for you, either way you will have more time for the things that are really important to you.

Furthermore, TLC’s proven team will give you the peace of mind that your shipments are being handled in the most efficient way every time, from pickup through deliver.