Lower shipping costs, with less handling

When you have multiple shipments bound for a specific region, Pool Distribution is a simple, cost effective alternative to LTL.

Pulling orders by ship date, instead of order date, make it easy to consolidate your LTL shipments. Then, TLC’s Pool Distribution System moves them to a central point, and distributes immediately from there.

That means:

Faster, More Consistent Deliveries
Truckload transit time is shorter than LTL, and once at our distribution centers, your multiple shipments are delivered the next day.

Lower Overall Cost
Instead of paying higher LTL rates, you only pay a combination of the line-haul rate and lower regional delivery.

Reduced Claim Potential
Less handling than normal LTL service.

If You Don’t Need Full Loads or All-At-Once Delivery.
See how STD/LTD and Partner-Shipping can work to your advantage.

The same principles apply on your inbound shipments when multiple shipments are consolidated for delivery at one time.