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Do you compare your freight rates on every shipment?

Posted on 18, Jul | Posted by David Maxfield

Effective August 1st, 2011 YRC will be implementing a 6.9% general rate increase for all non-contractual customers.  This increase will apply to minimum chares, LTL rates and accessorial charges. Domestic Canada rates remain unchanged at this time.

The following email announcement pertains to YRC only.  Information regarding Holland, Reddaway and New Penn will be forthcoming.

This is one reason why it is important to compare rates on every shipment. We make sure you get the best freight rate every time.

Contact us today at (800) 882-4852 or check our website and get a quick quote on your next shipment at

Best regards,

TLC Team

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Freight Management Today: More Freight, Fewer Trucks and Drivers

Posted on 20, Jun | Posted by David Maxfield

The numbers don’t lie. The economy is returning to pre-recession levels and freight volumes are rising.At the same time, carrier failures, fleet reductions, and the ongoing exodus of drivers from the industry have drained the freight market of much of its capacity. This combination of rising demand and diminished capacity is creating a dangerous imbalance to which shippers have been slow to respond.

The risk is greatest for small and mid-sized companies, who lack the leverage to ensure available carrier capacity at a reasonable price. But there are steps you can take now to manage freight requirements during the coming capacity crunch to avoid supply chain disruptions and protect your market share.

TLC with over 30 years in the industry has allowed us to negotiate incredible rates with all the top carriers. You will not find rates and service like this anywhere else! Best LTL rates you will find. We specialize in shipping dry goods. Get your free online Freight Rate now!

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Load To Go “LTG” can save on your LTL & Truckloads

Posted on 9, May | Posted by David Maxfield

An alternative to LTL & TRUCKLOAD, gives you…

  • Fast deliveries with truckload type service
  • Damage free since freight is not rehandled
  • Delivered complete shipments are not touched from the time of loading until they are received by your customer
  • More control over deliveries Better information on actual ETA’s because we deliver en route.
  • Better rate structure and simplified pricing applies to all points (more…)
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