How TLC Saves Valuable Time

It seems like I can get twice as much done as I used to, now that I have turned all of my loads over to TLC.

We ship full loads to our other plant in Denver. When I used to set up my own trucks, my work was often interrupted by phone calls from truckers looking for loads. Conversely, when I needed a truck, it seemed like they were never available.

Worst of all, sometimes I would pull orders and find out the truck which was scheduled simply wasn’t going to make it. At times, it took me an entire morning to set up another truck. And if I couldn’t get another truck in, it would put my Denver plant behind schedule. Problems like that can foul up your whole week.

When I turned the trucking over to TLC, my problems were solved immediately. Now, I just tell TLC to set up trucks for the days and times that I need them. That’s it! No more calls from carriers; no more hunting for trucks. TLC knows how to deal with the weight, and makes sure the drivers always knows what we expect. And when a truck can’t make it in as scheduled, TLC always arranges for another truck. They make sure my loads arrive on time.

TLC is exactly what I needed. They make my job a lot easier.

Don Accardo,
Plant Manager
Anaheim, CA