Case in point: An Asian manufacturing company is exhibiting at a trade show in the United States. This is nothing new to them, and there have been problems with other carriers on previous shows.

Perhaps it’s the sheer volume – requiring half of an entire ship to transport. Then there’s US Customs and the inland move from the port to the trade show, along with the on-site logistics and coordination. Adding to the complexity, a deal is made at the show and equipment is sold to a company in Brazil. Now you need to handle the inland move to port, the re-exportation with US Customs, and you need to act as the Carrier (NVOCC) to take the goods to the port in Brazil. By any standard, a very large endeavor with a great deal at stake should any phase in the project go wrong.

Easy to say “no thanks,” right? Wrong. In this example, the sea freight division did all of the above, and received “Best move-in EVER” accolades from the exhibitor and the show management firm. Talk to us, and we will help you “Sea” the opportunity too!