How one company reduced their cost of materials and achieved Just In Time delivery from a plant located half way around the world.

One of our long time customers found a new source for raw materials in China. They were able to give a much better price, by producing large quantities, at off peak production times. However, neither the vendor nor our customer had space to store it.

We arranged to receive all of the product at one time and hold it for them. Then we deliver the quantities they need just in time for production.

In this case, 3-4 full containers arrive at one time. We hold them at a Bonded Container Freight Station, “CFS,” located near their plants in Los Angeles, Oakland, and Miami. Then deliver one load at a time.

They achieved a lower cost of materials and improved service with JIT delivery.

We can adapt this program to fit many situations. Whether you are shipping or receiving. For example see: How to give your customers next day delivery when you are 2000 miles away, for the price of local trucking. How it’s done: Short-term/Long-term distribution.