International Express Manufacturing is an importer of decorative items, tables and lamps. They were experiencing a lot of damage on their LTL shipments by common carriers. It was apparently caused by excessive handling as their merchandise was transferred off trucks, onto loading docks, and back onto trucks, many times as it moved across the country.

They tried to solve the problem by stacking the freight on pallets just high enough so that they couldn’t be double stacked. This helped, but it didn’t stop damage altogether. Also, because their pallets were light and bulky, they were paying higher freight rates than necessary.

The real solution came with our Load To Go program. Since we match 2-3 shipments from different shippers, to be delivered in route, the freight is never re-handled. It’s delivered in just a few days from the same trailer it is loaded on.

Besides eliminating damage, they were able to save on freight charges too. They liked our lineal foot rates, which are based on the percentage of the trailer they use. Now, by loading their cartons “high and tight,” their freight costs per carton have really dropped.