Case Studies:


Case in point: An Asian manufacturing company is exhibiting at a trade show in the United States. This is nothing new to them, and there have been problems with other carriers on previous show.

Perhaps it’s the sheer volume – requiring half of an entire ship to transport. Then there’s US Customs and the inland move from the port to the trade show, along with the on-site logistics and coordination… read more


Over $14,000 in savings on expedited freight the first week alone.

Just-In-Time Inventory Delivered For 80% Less.

Yes, it’s true. Panasonic was behind schedule on delivery of urgently needed air conditioning units. When an ocean container cleared customs in Long Beach, CA, Panasonic would pay as much as $18,000 to ship the entire contents by… read more

(DACOR) Consolidation

They cut inventory requirements by 7 days, AND saved $120,000 per year on freight in the process.

Consolidation of shipments from multiple sources for delivery at one time saves money on freight, and smoothes the supply chain… read more

(Cody B Industries)

They had to bring down the freight costs or be priced out of the market.

Cody B. Industries is a manufacturer of low cost pet enclosures. To hold down shipping costs, they ship them knocked down flat, in cartons, on pallets. But when shipping from California, and freight charges were added to the price of their product, they couldn’t compete with others located in the eastern half of the United States… read more

(Liaoning-USA Corporation) ST/LT Distribution of gloves

Better Service for less money.

In order to compete for business in the Midwest, Liaoning-USA found they needed to cut the LTL delivery time to their customers. But, they also had to keep freight costs low… read more

(Monier) ST/LT Distribution

How one company reduced their cost of materials and achieved Just In Time delivery from a plant located half way around the world.

One of our long time customers found a new source for raw materials in China. They were able to give a much better price, by producing large quantities, at off peak production times. However, neither the vendor nor our customer had space to store it… read more

(International Express Mfg.)

International Express Manufacturing is an importer of decorative items, tables and lamps. They were experiencing a lot of damage on their LTL shipments by common carriers. It was apparently caused by excessive handling as their merchandise was transferred off trucks, onto loading docks, and back onto trucks, many times as it moved across the country… read more

Case Study: (Truswal) TRUCKLOAD TIME

How TLC Saves Valuable Time

It seems like I can get twice as much done as I used to, now that I have turned all of my loads over to TLC.

We ship full loads to our other plant in Denver. When I used to set up my own trucks, my work was often interrupted by phone calls from truckers looking for loads. Conversely, when I needed a truck, it seemed like they were never available… read more