Transportation and Logistical Concepts (TLC), MC #199843, is a logistics provider offering domestic and international freight transportation and distribution for small and large companies world wide.

At TLC, our goal is to establish long-term relationships with customers by offering simplified pricing structures and reduction of total costs, while providing the best possible service. To meet that goal and meet our customers’ wide-ranging needs, we have developed several innovative programs over the past decade. We also offer a full line of value added services.

TLC is flexible.
We have virtually unlimited resources when it comes to trucks, transportation modes, warehouse space and workforce.

TLC is reliable.
We look after your freight as though it were our own. We arrange everything from pick-up through delivery. We confirm availability, schedule appointments, monitor movement, and make adjustments as needed, keeping everyone informed, every step of the way.

TLC is proactive.
When appropriate, we offer our customers alternate transportation modes and distribution methods to ensure that they enjoy the required service at a reasonable price.
Established in 1986.

Transportation and Logistical Concepts has a proven track record. We are licensed, bonded and insured and have a strong financial foundation. For your further protection, all vendor settlements are made through a trust accounting service. That way, when you make a payment, you can be assured that all parties have been paid. You are protected from a carrier ever asking you to pay again because the carrier did not receive its portion.